About my sensual massage.

Please note this is sensual massage only, no sex, no penetration and no extras.


I am naturally gifted in the art of massage, perfecting my sensual connected touch over 20 plus years.

My massage is super gentle, featherlight, repetitive rythmic touch. I use my hands, fingers, forearms, feathers (if you are not allergic or phobic) and a very special tool. My touch ignites powerful emotions and feelings, it can cause some of my clientelle to have body tingles all over or in certain parts of their body, this is called ASMR please Google it for more information.

Some of my gents say it is like having multiple hands all over their body at once, or an out of body experience.

I have had the most incredible compliments over the 20+ years I have been doing this, and never tire of hearing them, or seeing the delight on my gentlemens faces as they lay there in complete Nirvana. For me it has to be the best feeling in the world to bring such sensuous joy, connection and peace to another human being in this chaotic world we all share. xxx