You can contact me by calling or texting me on:  077 665 75 982

Do not leave a voicemail as I do not call you back as this is not discrete for you. If I am busy try again later.

The best time to reach me is between 8.15am - 9pm.

Sometimes same day bookings are available.

For security and discretion reasons I do not give out my address on the phone. You are given a postcode of a commercial premises in the area.


All advance bookings must be confirmed no later than 9am on the day you are due to see me otherwise I cancel the appointment. If you have been to see me before a confirmation text is fine, if you are a new gent you will be required to phone your confirmation through please.


I do not accept calls from payphones, withheld or private numbers.


Please read all of the site thoroughly before calling to book please. I do not answer questions on the phone about my massage as I frequently have company. If you have a question please text it instead. Thank you