A few questions answered here:

Q) Are you an escort or massage parlour?

A) No I am not either. I am independent and offer sensual massage only nothing else, another words no extras.

Q) How do you finish your massage?

A) I complete all my massages with my unique slow highly skilled "Lingam" that I have perfected over 20 plus years. It alway's gets a very enthusiastic response.

Q) Do you have a massage couch?

A) Yes I do it is super strong, stable and fully electric.

Q) What do I lay on, is it a towel or paper couch roll?

A) I do not use either. Paper towel is rubbish it sticks to you. I use disposable fabric couch roll for each client.

Q) I don't have time for a shower before what do I do?

A) If you have showered that day and have a office job you are fine, I provide fragrence free wet wipes if you need to freshen up. If you do need a shower then I need advance warning please.

Q) Am I naked for the massage?

A) Yes you are.

Q) Is this Tantric Massage?

A) No it is not, however some of my gents who have had Tantric have said it is similiar in some ways, but mine are super light very gentle and extremely calming. I use feathers and special tools on the skin as well as my hands, fingertips and arms. All this creates a wonderful myriad of sensations.

My touch is nurturing and connected. This is why I receive so many lovely compliments and great reviews over many years.

However it is a very personal thing and until you try my massage you won't know. What may suit one person may not suit another, it is highly individual.

Q) I want to keep my number private for discretion reasons etc can I book?

Q) Unfortunately not no. It is for my safety and also if any emergency arise my end with our son and I have to cancel I need to be able to reach you discretely. I do not contact my clients ever unless there is a crisis my end.

 Q) Why are you not offering a sex/escort/parlour service?

A) While I do not have a problem with the above I choose not to offer this service as I am not comfortable with it and I am also happily married. There are lots of gents that do not want all the bells and whistles and risks that are associated with these services, and those are the gents I like to see.

This is a bit of sensuality without stepping over that line and it is 100% discrete and safe, and without the guilt factor.

 Q) Will you do oral a blow job on me?

A) Absolutely not, the only person who experiences that is my gorgeous husband.

Q) What is your sensuous massage like?

A) It is full body without the feet. It is very nurturing, erotic, light stroking, highly relaxing, slow, rythmic, spine tingling touch.

Q) Do you use oil or perfumed products?

A) Never it is not discrete for my gents. I use an expensive, special, German, oil free product that is far superior to oil.

Q) Do you offer anal stimulation/prostrate massage?

A) If I wanted to stick my finger up a strangers ass I would have been a doctor!!

Q) I have some questions?

A) Of course so long as it not about sex, or about the Lingam or erotic chat. To be honest I think everything is covered on here.          Please text any questions as I frequently have company.

Q) Are you naked?

A) I can be nude.

Q) How much notice do you need?

A) You can provisonally book ahead and confirm by 9am on the day. Or book before 9am for same day, but you can also try through the day. I like a minimum of 1.5 hours notice please.

Q) Do you have a lower age limit?

A) Yes I do, but prefer not to say. You will be asked your age.

Q) Do you see anyone and everyone, do you see men all day long?

A) No I do not, I have a very strict screening policy. I do not have streams of men coming and going, it is one or two bookings on a day and certainly not every day.