Products I use for my massage

Your comfort and safety is very important to me, you can be reassured by the fact that I use an electric couch, it is incredibly strong and very stable. You will not feel the couch wobble or shift when you turn, it also goes down very low if you have trouble getting on and off. My couch is also heated for the cooler months.

I use three types of heat in the cooler months. My couch heater, gas heating, a Infrared wall heater, plus a free standing infrared heater if needed. So no freezing to death in my room.

In the hotter months I use a special cooling gel pad under the disposable sheet to cool you down.

All products are discrete and fragrence free. I do not use oil ever, instead I use a very expensive synthetic hypoallergenic German product in tiny amounts. This product gives a truly exceptional silky feel to your massage, without the oily feel or transfer onto clothing, you also do not need to shower it off after. Pop your clothes on and off you go.

Fragrence free wet wipes are provided for pre freshen up and post clean up along with tissues.

I do not use paper towel on my couch as I feel this is inferior. I instead use a single use per client disposable fabric sheet that does not stick and break off on your body.

Hygeine is critically important to me in my business and I go to great lengths to protect both my client and myself.